Girasole goes to Design

Girasole goes to Design

Milan is preparing to welcome design lovers, industry specialists and tourists for the Milan Design Week. But Milan, with its history, all the designers it gave birth to, with institutions such as the Milan Triennale and the Compasso d’Oro Museum, lives design all year round.

Find it out in this journey through the places of the new YesMilano campaign for Milan Design Week 2023. “Milano Home of Design” tells, through the shots of the young photographer born in 2000 Eric Scaggiante, how design – considered in its broadest sense – has contributed to shaping the typically Milanese lifestyle over time.

The subway is worthy of the Compasso d’Oro

Even the Milan metro is designed. The M1 handrail designed by Franco Albini and Franca Helg. Pic by Eric Scaggiante

Hundreds of installations throughout the city, events and exhibitions at the fair. First rule to survive the Milan Design Week< /strong>: take the subway to juggle the many appointments this week. 

Travelling on the M1, you can reach the Salone del Mobile.Milano and you’ll be able to get around the quarters  without problems, like a true Milanese and a true connoisseur of design. In fact, you should know that the “Linea Rossa” is still today a source of pride for Italian design. His architectural and graphic design by Franco Albini, Franca Helg and Bob Noorda won the Compasso d’Oro in 1964.

The “living room” of Milan: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

You’re traveling on the “Rossa”: next stop, the Duomo. From here you can walk to the installations that transform the face of the center and theQuadrilaterofor a week /strong>. It is also the ateliers of the designers of Magenta  and 5Vie, and Brera, with the many showrooms and art galleries. 

In Milan, however, it is precisely a gallery that is a masterpiece of design: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, designed and built by Giuseppe Mengoni. Raise your eyes to appreciate the uniqueness of the symbolic architecture of the city of Milan. One more reason to do so during the MDW is offered by the artistic installation We rise by lifting others by Marinella Senatore, which stands out among the lunettes of Galleria Cracco.

Milan is design… “down to the bone”

A taste of a traditional Milanese dish and you are already inside Milan, its soul, its character. For the lunch break, be sure to try the yellow risotto with ossobuco, one of the traditional dishes that resist the assaults of fashion. Like the best design products. The signature “on the work”, in this case, however, is that of the many good chefs of the Milanese trattorias.

Even when it’s “Wrong” it’s by design

Once you try it, the aperitif is an all-Milanese ritual that you will hardly be able to resist.

M1, Porta Venezia stop, you only have one drink to order: the iconic Negroni “Sbagliato”, served in the famous “big glass” of Bar Basso, the place where it was invented – it is said by mistake – by Mirko Stocchetto, who mixed the sparkling wine (instead of gin) with Campari Bitter and red vermouth.

The cocktail turns 55 this year. The Big glass, also designed by Stocchetto in the 1960s, from April will become part of the new layout of the Museum of Italian Design at Triennale Milano, thus consecrating the Milanese ritual of the aperitif. What better occasion to toast? Bar Basso is celebrating with Hidden Sound, which exhibits “55” throughout the MDW, hand-made audio systems in a limited edition of 55 units with ultra-thin speakers. His playlist can always be listened to here, but the party to put on the agenda is April 20th.

The Monumental Cemetery

In Milan, design… follows you to your grave. Continue your journey by metro and get off at Monumentale (M5): right opposite, the Monumental Cemetery is an open-air museum, which celebrates the memory of men and women who made Milan great and the skill of artists and sculptors, authors of tombs and mausoleums. One of these is Giannino Castiglioni (yes, he is the grandfather of the famous designer), who signed, among the many works, the Bernocchi newsstand.

Look around, but then take a tour of the neighborhood which is one of the “hot” areas of this year’s Milan Design Week: the ADI Design Museum, the Fabbrica del Vapore, the events at LOM… there is still so much to discover .


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