From bikes to the sun

History and values from our family of entrepreneurs

Grandpa Guido loved sunflowers

IL GIRASOLE HQI was born on the ashes of a small factory that produced bicycle parts. In September 1998, after an experiment in social reception, the journey into the world of tourism began.

We will never forget the “first brick”… Grandpa Guido, temporarily confined to a wheelchair for a hip prosthesis, “directed” the workers at work; there were more times we saw them sitting at the table talking about life than when they were working on tools.

The group was the best image of what is now called “social life” that one has in mind. And there was always a good glass of wine!

In short, in the “red house”, after long and important renovations, a bed & breakfast and a guest house were born to later become an eclectic 3* hotel.

A different hotel that revolves around the sun

Yes, today IL GIRASOLE HQI is a hotel… but not a traditional one, not what you expect. We are different.

With us you will not find a “five-star bed” but our best welcome; you will find attention, energy, passion and emotion without betraying professionalism and of course original, nice and clean rooms.

We want to grow and improve and every suggestion represents a great opportunity for us. We are waiting for you!

Girasole is a way of life

The philosophy of our hotel is well represented by the image of the “sunflower”: exactly as the colorful flower “looks” at the sun, we try to “look” at the Guest with equal enchantment, naturalness and complicity. Trying to maintain great professionalism in every service offered, we do everything possible to ensure that our guests have a pleasant stay.

Do you know Matteo & Nicola?
Read what they say about each other


Matteo is extraordinarily welcoming, too welcoming, to be true! Extremely attentive to the needs of guests and beyond, he is a cornerstone of what today represents the essence of our hotel: extraordinary Italian hospitality. Attentive, precise, compliant, thoughtful, he transforms a simple stay into an experience to tell. Well, there are flaws, and how! But I’ll let you discover them for yourself…


Professional, enterprising, determined. He invented the “last minute” before any other tour operator and made it a lifestyle; being next to him is a real adventure, even for his own family. There is no solution that he cannot propose in 5 minutes. Condescending (on his own ideas) and stimulating as a red bull. If you don’t know it, you love it… if you know it, it’s absolutely addictive.

If our customers say so…

“Ciao Matteo & Nicola, we would like to thank you for your kind hospitality on our recent visit to Milano. Your advice about the trains and places to visit was invaluable. It made our one day in Milano a great success! When we visit Milano in the future we will definitely look forward to staying with you again”.